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"You're embodying what you're teaching as we go through this summit. It's just a beautiful reflection of who you are and how you do business...I've been through a lot of trainings and a lot of this one, it was easy for me to show up. It's not always easy. I was "I get to do this today." I didn't ever feel like that. I was excited to be here.


"Thank you for doing this wonderful week. I have

not experienced an online event in my entire life that had this kind of impact on me."


"The diversity of the people that are here [is great]. Thank you for having men be part of this summit. I've been in the spiritual online space for seven years or so, and there are so many girls only clubhouses, and it was refreshing to be here in a group of men and women... I've felt for a long time that we've really been missing out on so much by not having the presence of men in those communities. The connections that I've made here are great... it's really nice to be in a space where I actually got to know what you all care about."


"Thank you for doing this wonderful week. I have usually I leave summits or events just wanting to get away because [I feel] like those people, they don't get me, but here, I never felt that once. And so I really feel a sense of community."


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