Frequently Asked Questions

The Soulful Entrepreneur Summit is taking place virtually February 27 - 29, 2024.

If you have any other questions, please send us a message at [email protected]

Will Recordings Be Available If I Cannot Attend Live?

Yes, we will be making recordings available. We highly recommend attending as many sessions as possible though because the live experience is very very powerful.

I own a brick and mortar business, is this event a fit for me?

The topics that will be covered throughout the event are appropriate for any type of small business owner. It has always been important to the summit creator to have an event where any entrepreneur wanting to scale more soulfully would find value and feel welcome. Unlike many other virtual business summits, we will NOT be solely focused on online service based businesses where things like funnels, social media content, and low overhead are par for the course. We know that you face different challenges in the brick and mortar world but in the end you want to be heart-centered and soul-aligned in how you do things.

I own a coaching business, how is this different than other events that are geared specifically towards coaches?

We love this question. Coaches are such an important asset to the world of personal and professional development- many of our contributors have coaching as a part of their business but they don't work only with other coaches. We think it is important to gather a diverse mix of people and experiences together to spark innovation, hear of strategies that work in other industries that might be transferable to what you do, and to grow your network outside of just other coaches. The summit creator spent 2 decades in Human Resources working across a lot of different industries. She always found great value in learning about and deeply understanding all the different ways that business could be done. We know you will benefit from this perspective as well.

Which sessions do you recommend if I am a new business owner?

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