Hosted By: Alison Proffit & Travis Hlavka

Are you on a mission to Scale Your Business with Soul in 2024 & Beyond?

Join us at the Soulful Entrepreneur Summit

February 27 - 29, 2024

Get your pass to this unique virtual event. Join other entrepreneurs who are ready to elevate their consciousness, their profits, and serve the world through their work!​

You will leave the summit with new strategies, tools, tips, and connections to elevate to a higher level of success replacing hustle with more ease, flow, and joy.

Three Full Days Of Awesomeness & Over $1000 in FREE Bonuses!

What Is The Soulful Entrepreneur Summit?

At this 3-day virtual event you will join other entrepreneurs who are ready to elevate their consciousness and profits to serve the world through their work! We know that you want to do business in a different way.

We guarantee that this is an event like no others that you have ever experienced.

You will have the chance to gather with a community of other entrepreneurs who know what it is like to be running a small business in todays noisy world.

And you will hear stories of other entrepreneurs who have risen to success.

The Four Foundational Pillars

It Starts With A Soulful Mindset

Soulful Success starts within. Mindset is the foundation to success in business and in life. Aligning your mindset with your heart helps you thrive in the other three pillars.

Soulful Money and Time

Money & time are energy. Feeling aligned with this area is essential. Topics like your offers, pricing, money mindset, sales, and the tactical aspects of resource management are part of soulful success.

Soulful Messaging

What is your purpose and how are you sharing it. Covering topics such as branding, marketing, PR/Media are the tools that allow us to call in our audience.

Soulful Community

This is all about building & engaging your community. We know that soulful entrepreneurs want to make an impact on the goes beyond making's finding your people, delivering value, showing up, and supporting.

"The vulnerability and the authenticity are such an inspiration. To say ‘we’re human, and it’s ok to be human, and it’s beautiful to be human’, we can show up and be in this together in this truly beautiful way.

That was something that made me feel so connected and so incredibly grateful." — Alexandra Streisand

Is The Soulful Entrepreneur Summit For You?

This summit is for heart-centered, goal-oriented, authentic entrepreneurs who value connection, joy, faith, freedom, fun, and contribution.

If you...

  • Were born to make an impact in the world through your business and are tired of being told by the gurus and experts that you just need to follow their blueprint for success.

  • Desire to make meaningful connections but haven't found a community you feel safe sharing your real fears, doubts, and worries along your entrepreneurial journey.

  • Usually avoid business conferences or summits because you leave overwhelmed with a list of generic advice and to do's instead of personalized direction that resonates with you.

  • Dream of having Joy, Fun, and Soul-Alignment in your business while increasing your impact and profits.

  • Want to learn and grow with a community that will celebrate your wins and guide you in the journey of navigating your path to soulful success.

  • Want over $1000 in freebie bonuses! Click here to see the list!

If you are feeling excited and your heart is beating a little bit faster, then...

You are in the right place!

"I've been to a lot of summits. This one quite definitely had a different feeling. You guys knocked it out of the freaking park! I really appreciate you and the group and the speakers. I just think having a group and having the proof that there is a group of people that are entrepreneurs and that demonstrate this soulful, spiritual, humanness, it's just fulfilling. Like, these are my people." — Lauren Pla

Meet The Summit Hosts

Alison Proffit

Creator of The Soulful Entrepreneur Summit™

CEO of Proffit Coach™

Hi, I'm Alison Proffit and I'm so glad that you are here! I founded my business, Proffit Coach in 2019. This was after 4 previous failed business endeavors, journeys that helped me learn many new skills and strategies. I had success this time around because I finally understood that my way of succeeding did not necessarily align with the old school, traditional ways of business, sales, and marketing.

My philosophy is that JOY is the Best Business Strategy

The vision for the Soulful Entrepreneur Summit stemmed from my own desire to feel more joyful and less alone in starting, growing, and running my business. I invite you to join us at this event not just to learn and be inspired but to also grow your community. After all, business is not meant to done alone...especially if you are a soulful entrepreneur!

As a holistic business coach, teacher, and consultant, I help service-based business owners identify and enhance their skills and strategies for success (and more profits) in business and life. My approach integrates mind, body, and spirit practices and from a business sense is uniquely informed by over 2 decades of work in Human Resources, Sales, Marketing, and Operations in many different industries.

I look forward to having FUN and growing together!

Travis Hlavka

CEO of The Human Upgrade Project™ & Strategy Driven Solutions

Hi, I'm Travis Hlavka and I am grateful to be part of your journey to having a successful soul-aligned business.

My philosophy is life is too short to be so serious all the time so have fun while you're here. Why not? It's better than the alternative.


As a health and longevity coach, I help entrepreneurs identify and enhance their lives from the inside out so they can enjoy life and be abundantly vibrant mentally and physically. I do this with a simple framework, based on my core values of Fun, Freedom, and Contribution, that empowers you to create world class habits that are part of who you are on autopilot instead of a long list of to do items. My approach integrates mind, body, and spirit practices and is tailored to your needs. This allows you "upgrade" for a lifetime and have the energy and vitality before, during, and after working on your business.

Can't wait to have FUN and upgrade together!

“Thank you for doing this wonderful week. I usually leave summits or events just wanting to get away because [I feel] like those people, they don’t get me, but here, I never felt that once. And so I really feel a sense of community.” — DeeDee Baze

All Sessions Are Live In Person

No Pre-Recorded Content Here 🙌

We encourage you to attend as many sessions as possible but if you can't, that ok too! You can always watch the recordings. Come to whatever you can, and we promise that if you do, your soul will be soaring post-summit and you will be ready to take action in your business! There will also be an interactive networking activities so you can make more personal connections via breakout rooms.

Throughout the event, you will...

🙋🏿‍♂️ Be INSPIRED by the strategies and stories that our soulful speakers will be sharing at this event.

🙋‍♀️ Make new connections and actually interact with the speakers.

🙋🏽‍♂️ Gain clarity and confidence about what you can RELEASE to move forward faster in your business.

🙋🏾‍♀️ Learn soul-aligned strategies to shift from inaction and into a state of joyful motivation.

We invite you to trust your intuition, follow that thread of curiosity, and grab your ticket to our transformative event. Don't forget to snag a ticket for your business bestie too! 🥰

You Get Instant Access To Over $1000 In Bonuses When You Get Your Ticket Today!

Here are just some of the freebies you'll receive before the event!

Acey Holmes

Featured On Day 1


$29 Value - Included FREE

  • Awaken Creativity: Engage in activities that spark creativity and joy, enhancing your daily life.

  • Elevate Your Mood: Discover the joy of play and flow, leading to a more fulfilling life.

  • Reconnect with Joy: Rekindle the profound pleasures of life, fostering well-being and self-discovery.

Christine Walsh

Featured On Day 1


$97 Value - Included FREE

  • Unlock Your Abundance: Discover the barriers to your wealth and learn to reconnect with abundance using the Seven Manifesting Laws.

  • Track Your Prosperity: Utilize the Abundance Tracker to monitor and boost your journey to wealth.

  • Manifest Your Desires: Learn the secrets to turning desires into reality, enhancing your financial and personal life.

Deborah Hardee

Featured On Day 2


$250 Value - Included Free

  • Transform Your Mindset: Use 33 powerful affirmations to shift your mindset towards love and prosperity.

  • Overwrite Limiting Beliefs: Replace negative thoughts with empowering affirmations, fostering growth and confidence.

  • Expand Possibilities: Increase your potential for success by filling your mind with positive, expansive thoughts.

Dain Johnson

Featured On Day 2


$200 Value - Included Free

  • Visionary Clarity: Visualize your future and break down your vision into actionable steps with our simple framework.

  • Overcome Obstacles: Identify potential challenges in your path and strategize to overcome them.

  • Actionable Strategy: Transform great ideas into reality with a clear, one-page strategy and tactics guide.

Jess Sato

Featured On Day 2


$49 Value - Included Free

  • Find Your Missing Purpose: Identify what's lacking in your successful business and realign with your true purpose.

  • Strategic Re-alignment: Use the Purpose Scorecard and 10 key questions to align your strategy with your purpose.

  • Impactful Creation: Learn to intentionally create the impact you desire in the world through purposeful action.

Amanda Dolin

Featured On Day 3


$49 Value - Included Free

  • Organize Your Life: Use the planner to stay focused on personal and professional goals, breaking down complex projects.

  • Create New Habits: Track and develop habits that matter to you, optimizing your time for success.

  • Achieve Big Projects: Simplify the process of completing large projects with guided task breakdown

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